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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

children with bad grades

If a child comes home with bad grades , almost certainly expect an earful from their parents. But , what is the right attitude if this happens to us in our own family ?

Childhood is a critical time : home , family , friends, school ... many children find it especially difficult to study and , without going to school failure, poor grades and drag some suspense to the despair of her parents .

Parents often blame and pressure on children so that they get better note , study more , be more attentive in class ... Our work yet from the family , and project is to help the child to not fall into the demotivation.

What do parents with a newsletter full of suspense ?

First of all the best choice for a child not bring bad marks is prevention . Parents must know their curricula , their responsibilities, their homework ... also help the child to make a schedule for work and one for rest. Parents should help positively reinforce the duties and achievements : more approved , more freedom.

The bad notes can be synonymous with poor concentration and little work by the child . But not always the case : parents must study what grounds can take the child to hold. For example family relationships, the emotional state of the child, the concerns ...

Attitude of parents

We must always believe in the child's capabilities and set realistic goals. Parents should support and show interest in their tasks and organize their time ayudares work and support them verbally their successes. We have to shift the criticism for their failures to how to fix it ( and not use threatening tones with children) .

Parents must provide a suitable working area the child at home : desk , light , school supplies , space to organize your notes ...